Questions and Answers

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions we get.

Yes, The best way to personalize your day is for you, your fiance’ or fiancee’, and family has input on your style of music, favorite songs, etc.   If a song is on your do not play list it will not get played. 

We take any and all requests.  Not all requests are appropriate or danceable.  That being said we always thank your guests for their recommendations.   

Yes, we carry a $2,000,000 liability plan! 

Yes, It is your choice based on availability.  We have two DJ’s that perform weddings for STE Event group (including myself).  You will know who your DJ will be before booking.

I have 3 back-up DJ’s that would fill in for myself…Knock on wood this has never happened in 10+ years. 

Since we live in a Google world pretty much any song is obtainable.  Any song we do not have that you request for the night will be purchased at no extra cost for you.

We do not play any songs in any particular order.  There are a certain amount of dance songs that are very popular.  Our job is to turn the dance floor and reach as many guests of yours as we can by playing songs that take them back to eventful times in their lives.  The best way to have a full dance floor is to be open to all genres and decades of music.  This does not mean that all decades/Genres need to be played equally.

We are constantly adding to our collection of music.

We do not take breaks or eat sit down meals at events. Our job is to watch over the pacing of the night and make sure your night flows seamlessly!

We will take care of all announcements to include Grand Entrance, Toasts, Specialty Dances, etc.  That being said this is not open mic night for us.  The day is yours!

There are several songs that fill the floor and are used as tools to do just that.  We can snow ball the wedding party dance and turn 12 into 60 quickly   FROM ABOVE:  But….best way to have a full dance floor is to be open to all genres and decades of music. 

Set Up and Tear down is on our time not yours.

Are services are all inclusive from the time your first guest arrives at the ceremony to the last three songs of the night.  Extras would be photo booth, monogram etc from our Enhancement Page on our website,

Yes – Lavalier and handheld

If we are to use equipment  (Fog machine, confetti cannons, etc) we need to get venue approval first.

We can get our equipment into about any space and setups very based on your needs but usually 5′ by 10′ space is ideal.

We never self promote at any wedding… This is your day NOT ours!

We try to get into venues early, set up and do our sound check (In our sound check we   make sure there is ESCAPE-ability from the Party Music so your guests can have a conversation without competing with the dance floor.

We will work with you and your venue on the best time to set up. 

We require 24 hours to make sure we have time to buy any songs that you request.  From above: Any song we do not have that you request for the night will be purchased at no extra cost for you.

We accept credit cards, pay pal, and checks.  The deposit is 25% of total fee with balance not being due until the week of your event.  We DO NOT keep credit card numbers on file. 

Please do not hesitate to call or text us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you on your special day!



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