I’ve been asked so many times, “What kind of music do you play?” The simple answer is, what do you want to hear? If the day was all about me, we would be listening to a lot of 38 Special, Eric Church, and Ed Sheeran. But this is your day, not mine. It is important for you to have input on the songs you want played on your special day. It is truly one of the best ways to personalize your dance floor.

Your DJ should be well-versed in today’s Top 200 songs, as well as the Top 50 from every decade. But he or she will not know your favorite songs. He or she should also provide you an outlet, such as online forms, that allow you to choose the songs you want played. I encourage the couples I work with to sit down with family and friends, have a few drinks, and create a list of songs to be played on their day. Most online forms allow you to create a must- play list, a play if possible list, and an equally important do not play list. Your DJ should then pull songs from your list to play at the right time. Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” played at 8:00…nothing. Play it after 10:00 and it becomes a sing-along and creates a memory that will be shared. A good DJ will know this, for it is his or her job to create as many memorable moments as possible, on and off the dance floor.

All brides pretty much want the same thing when it comes to their dance floor – they want it full, and they want it full all night long. They want all their guests to have a great time and still be talking about their reception weeks later. We have had a lot of success in doing just that. But to make that happen, the bride and groom have to be open to a variety of music, from the 50s to today. Your DJ should know that playing all styles of music does not mean playing those styles equally. For example, you may not like country music, but you should play 4-5 country dance songs for those guests that want to two-step the night away.

So when you ask me what kind of songs I play, the simple answer is, what do you want to hear? When you ask me how to keep the dance floor full, the answer is what do you and your guests want to hear?

STE Event Group